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Terms and Conditions

By ordering CT-N programming in any media format (hereinafter, "media") , consumers agree to the following terms and conditions:

Media ordered from CT-N, whether purchased or on a complimentary basis is for private use only; the Connecticut Network (hereinafter, "the Network") reserves all rights to all media whether purchased or obtained on a complimentary basis.

Use of any media in the context of political advertising or communication is expressly forbidden.

Media may not be reposted or re-used in its entirety in any application without the express written consent of the Network.  No excerpts of media may be edited or incorporated into other productions without the express written consent of the Network. Exceptions not requiring authorizations include Network press releases, press kits or related public information material, selected educational content, as designated.

Requests for reuse of media should be directed here: Email Request

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.