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Please Consider the Following Before Submitting Your Event
  • Please do send us information regarding Public Hearings & Government Meetings. 

  • CT-N only covers events that take place on weekdays, with the exception of legislative session, state party conventions, and a few other important state level events.

  • Submit your event at least one week before it is scheduled. Deadline to be considered for coverage for the following week is Thursday at noon. Read the attached "Helpful Hints for Submitting" for the information to include. Submission does not guarantee coverage.

Web Conference Best Practices

Checklist for Television Coverage

This brief checklist will help you organize information on your event to allow CT-N staff to set it up for television coverage. Some items on the checklist may not apply to your particular event.

  • Get name of contact person for the event site - if the crew has last-minute questions

  • Obtain permissions from guest or celebrity speakers to be videotaped (Allow several days to obtain permission if a speaker is represented by a manager, agent, or publicist.)

  • Gather information on physical Set-Up - Locations of speakers, audience, and other participants. Planned use of tables, podium, etc. (Example: Speakers will be on a stage sitting in armchairs, or panelists will be at a table and the moderator will be at podium. The audience will be sitting at tables.)

  • Check sound setup - Is professional sound system available or will we need to set up microphones? (If there will be audience questions, have arrangements been made to make sure that they can be heard by the TV audience?)

  • Get directions to event from Hartford

  • Check on parking & building access arrangements for our production crew

  • Verify set-up time - we require a minimum of one hour set-up time before the event begins

  • Get agenda or printed program for the event

  • Compile list of expected speakers (please be sure to include those making welcoming remarks or introducing other speakers)

  • Arrange for copies of videotapes and/or computer files for video or PowerPoint presentations (to incorporate them into the final broadcast with the highest production value)

  • Arrange to provide CT-N testifier sign-up sheets - for public hearings, immediately following or the day after

  • Determine times & locations for breakout sessions, if any(for conferences only)

  • Determine best portions of event for TV coverage (for conferences only)

Be sure to read "Helpful Hints for submitting" for additional tips on getting your event covered. (See Below)

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phone (860) 240-1376

Helpful Hints for Submitting

As a small, not-for-profit company, we regularly receive more programming ideas than we have crew and equipment to actually cover. Most of the information referenced in our checklist will not be required unless we decide to cover your event, but the more basic information we receive with your initial request for coverage, the easier it is for us to make an informed decision. Here are some tips to follow when submitting your event for consideration:

  1. Provide as much information as you can as far in advance as possible. Production decisions at CT-N are made roughly one week in advance, and the sooner we know about upcoming events the better. Try to provide as much of the following information as possible up front:

    • Date, Time, and Location

    • Subject Matter

    • A list of speakers and/or participants

    We welcome press releases, brochures, flyers and any other marketing materials for your event if they contain this information.

  2. If possible, schedule your event for a Monday or Friday. The middle portion of the week generally has the highest concentration of state government proceedings - particularly during a legislative session. By holding your event on a Monday or a Friday, it's in competition with far fewer events for coverage.

  3. Think "TV Friendly" when setting up and picking locations. When our crews have lots of room to work, good camera positions, and a quality sound system, the finished broadcast is invariably better. Keep these basic factors in mind during the planning stages of your event - we're a lot more likely to cover an event when we're confident that we can make it look and sound good on television.

If we decide to cover your event, a network representative will contact you about making set-up arrangements and obtaining items from the checklist.

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