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CT-N Legislative Session 
Viewing Activity

"Understanding a Legislator"

Developed by: Victor W. Geraci, Ph.D.

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Video Session: Use an appropriate taped CT-N session of the Connecticut House of Representatives or Senate discussing a bill with clearly defined party arguments. Check our Hot Topics page for ideas.

Additional Materials Needed:

Class Time: Two or three class periods.

Objectives: See unit general objectives.

Anticipatory Set: 

  • Video clip from a Hollywood legislative session
  • Student Council


  • (Day one) Break the class into five groups based on one of the five legislators chosen. Then have each group complete the following tasks. 
    1. Make a list of the points the representative makes for or against the Bill.
    2. On the map, provided by the teacher, color in the area that your legislative person represents.
    3. As a group read the Bill and make a list of the key points that the bill addresses.
    4. Prepare your information sharing with the class as a whole.
  •  (Day two or three) Bring the entire class together and the teacher leads the following brainstorming and evaluation components.
    1. As a class brainstorm and list on the board the KEY points of the bill
    2. As a class color in the OH transparency map of the districts represented
    3. Have each group present a brief (Maximum 5 minutes) summary of the key points discussed by their assigned representative. 
    4. By a show of hands have the class vote on whether they feel the bill should be approved. Write the results on the board.
  • Extension Activity (Day two or three) If possible show the final part of this section of the video. Compare the actual vote to the class vote. 

Debrief/Closure: Discuss the vote comparison

If you have any comments or suggestions about this activity or would like to submit your own activity, please contact us and share your ideas.