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Getting Started
  • Begin by viewing our list of the most recently debated issues before the CT
    General Assembly on the Hot Topics page.

  • Pair the videotaped debate, along with the additional provided materials, with
    any one of the lesson plans found on the Lesson Plans page.
Or, you can browse two specific issues found on the Subject Specific Activities page:
  • HB 5274, An act requiring a civics course for high school graduation.
  • HB 5276, An act concerning the mandatory school attendance age.
Helpful Resources:

CT Legislative Officials & Their Duties html | pdf
How to Read a Bill html | pdf
This Is Your General Assembly
Legislative Terms

Additional CT-N Videotaped Debates
CT-N maintains an archive of Connecticut General Assembly sessions of both the House of Representatives and the Senate since March of 1999. If you are interested in using other videotaped debates in your classroom in addition to the debates listed on our Hot Topics page, you can visit the Connecticut General Assembly website and search for bills and public acts that have been debated on each chamber's respective floors. Contact Paul Skaff if you need assistance.

Recording CT-N Programming
It is permissible to record any CT-N aired program at home on your VCR for use in your classroom. CT-N is available on most cable television systems in the state, and may even be seen 24 hours a day in some communities. You can find a channel assignment and air schedule for CT-N in your town by viewing our CT-N on TV web page. You can also subscribe to have our daily program schedule with show times and content e-mailed to you daily.

  • All of the activities and support materials are downloadable
  • The video taped debates provided through this website are intended for educators only.
  • The videotaped debates in this unit have been edited for time and content. The full debate is available by contacting CT-N.
The Legislative Debate Activities and Lesson Plans
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Victor W. Geraci, Ph.D. and Paul Petterson, Ph.D.

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The Connecticut General Assembly
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