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Satellite Subscriber Demand Survey

Would you like to see CT-N offered on Satellite?

We would appreciate your assistance in completing this short survey. CT-N shares this information periodically with local DBS providers.

Please Note: CTN is now available on Roku® (Click here for details). CT-N is also available on Frontier Communications on Channel 83 statewide.

1. Are you currently a Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) customer?
Yes No

If you answered yes to question 1:
2. Who's your satellite provider?
DirecTV DISH Network Other 
3. Would you like CT-N to be included on your satellite channel lineup?
Yes No

If you answered no to question 1:
4: Would the availability of CT-N on satellite make you more likely to subscribe?
Yes No

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:
Name: (optional)
ZIP code: (required)
Comments: (optional)