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The Road to Impeachment



Role Sheet


Governor John Rowland – Elected as Connecticut’s Governor on January 4, 1995. He was elected to three consecutive terms as Governor. He resigned on June 21, 2004, effective July 1, 2004 amidst allegations of impeachable misconduct and proceedings by both the Federal government and a Select Committee of Inquiry to investigate the allegations.

Ross Garber – legal counsel to the Office of the Governor

William F. Dow III – personal counsel to Governor Rowland


Kevin Sullivan –Senate President Pro Tempore until taking over as Lieutenant Governor after Governor Rowland’s resignation.

Moira Lyons – Speaker of the House of Representatives

Jim Amann – House Majority Leader

Martin Looney – Senate Majority Leader

Robert Ward – House Minority Leader

Louis DeLuca – Senate Minority Leader


Steven Reich – Special Council for the Select Committee of Inquiry

Cynthia S. Arato – lawyer for the Select Committee of Inquiry

Laura Jordan – Deputy Counsel for the House Democrats

Mary Anne O’Neill – attorney for the House Republicans


Susan Cobb – Assistant Attorney General

Governor Jodi Rell – Lieutenant Governor until becoming Governor after Governor Rowland’s resignation.


Alan Plofsky - Executive Director and General Counsel of the State Ethics Commission. He defended the Commission’s right to issue advisory recommendations.


Chief Judge Honorable William J. Lavery – Chief Judge of the Connecticut Appellate Court.