Politician graphic (generic) CT-N Toolbox: Campaign Finance
CT-N Legislative Session
Viewing Activity #3

Developed by: Victor W. Geraci, Ph.D.

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Video Session: An Act Concerning Changes To Campaign Finance Laws And Other Election Laws.  Debated in the CT Senate May 8, 2012.

Materials Needed:

Class Time: Two or three class periods.

Anticipatory Set:

  • Video clip from a Hollywood Movie
  • Song and Lyrics
  • CT-N Simulation Game
  • Student Council
  • Mail or handouts from different candidates.


  • (Day one) Break the class into two groups --- Republican & Democrat.
    1. While watching the video as a group (Democrat or Republican) have each group complete the following tasks.
    2. Make a list of the legislative people that spoke for your party and list the points the representatives from your party make for or against the Bill.
    3. On the map, provided by the teacher, color in the area that your party representatives represent.
    4. Prepare a list of the key points for your party.
  • (Day two) Each Party is to break into sub groups responsible for producing one or all of each of the below products.
    1. Prepare a two-minute script for a radio or television release based on your partys concerns.
    2. Prepare a one-page press release describing your parties concerns.
    3. Prepare a mailer to Connecticut voters describing why your party took its stand.
    4. Prepare for a debate between Democratic and Republican Representatives.
  • (Day Three) Bring the entire class together and the teacher leads the following brainstorming and evaluation components.
    1. As a class brainstorm and list on the board the KEY points of the bill
    2. As a class color in the OH transparency map of the districts represented in the video
    3. By a show of hands have the class vote on whether they feel the bill should be approved. Write the results on the board.
    4. Predict how the vote would go---35 total votes of which how many are Republican and how many are Democrat.

Debrief/ Closure: Discuss the vote comparison Compare to historical concerns and present Federal and State concerns of the electorate. Should local elections also be covered?

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